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Meet the Owners

Alexis Wilbert, Psy.D. 
Alexis was raised in North Yarmouth and attended Greely High School and Colby College. She left Maine in 2007 to pursue her passion for psychology and received her doctorate from the University of Denver. Now a clinical psychologist and an elite runner, Alexis first discovered cryotherapy in Colorado Springs, CO as part of her running training. She approached the local cryotherapy spa and developed a sponsorship for her running team, Pikes Peak Elite. She then started to do more research into the benefits of WBC, and discovered that it can improve clients’ mood and can be a beneficial adjunct to psychotherapy.

In the spring of 2017, Alexis' father had hip replacement surgery. She wanted to find a venue for Whole Body Cryo sessions to aid in his recovery. Upon learning that the closest Cryospa was in MA, Alexis felt driven to bring this wonderful service to Maine. 
Adrian Wilbert
A native of Colorado, Adrian has always had a passion for athletic endeavors and was a varsity basketball player and has since become an avid mountain biker and snowboarder. Adrian enjoys trail running and hiking, and basically anything outdoors. Adrian is a medevac pilot in the U.S. Army Reserves, with three tours in the Middle East. 
He learned about cryotherapy through his wife, Alexis, and found it helpful to relieve muscle soreness and boost recovery after tough physical activity. 


Anne Stickney
Anne grew up in Yarmouth, Maine, educated at Babson College with a BS and MBA in Business Management.  While raising her daughters, she co owned the Deering Family Restaurants. Later she was a senior property manager for 11 years before starting her own business in 2011.  Anne has been active on many boards and non profits organizations focusing on women and children’s health and safety. 
Anne has been interested in running for 40 years, running in many 5-10k races throughout the years.  She became interested in WBC and spot cryo therapy when she learned that it was beneficial for arthritis. Anne is excited to be part of offering the cryo therapy in the Portland area. 

Meet the Team

Nicole R.